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About this Recipe

By: Emma Parsons 

Our Estate Select extra virgin olive gives this hummus that creamy smooth texture that we all know and love hummus for. 


  • 400 g (1 tin) chickpeas 
  • 2 Tbsp Liviana Estate Select extra virgin olive oil 
  • 2 cloves garlic 
  • 2 Tbsp tahini 
  • 60 mL freshly squeezed lemon juice 
  • A pinch of Himalayan pink sea salt 
  • A sprinkle of ground paprika to serve 

This classic hummus recipe is super easy to make and is guaranteed to be the star of any snack board. Enjoy this recipe as a dip for your crackers and raw veggies or use it as a spread for a crispy pice of toasted sourdough. 

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Drain and rinse the chickpeas. 

Step 2

Place all the ingredients into a food processor and process until you have a smooth, thick consistency. This should take about 1-2 minutes. 

Step 3

Pour the hummus out into a serving bowl, drizzle with some Liviana Estate Select extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with paprika. 

Step 4

Serve immediately or store in an air tight container for up to 4 days. 








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