4 reviews for Chilli Pepper Trilogy (250 ml)

  1. Morne

    Brilliance! I baked some home made bread using the estate grown olive oil, then on the side I chopped some garlic and mixed it with the Trilogy olive oil. Almost had an out of body experience lol, the olive oil enchanced everything from the texture the smell and flavour. Great product and the checkout process after buying the it was smooth and fast.

  2. Joshua Parsons

    I love using this on my pizza, it is perfectly balanced and it pops brilliantly in your mouth.

  3. Emily

    I’m a huge fan of chilli oil but this one might be my absolute favourite yet, the added CBD makes it so much more special?

  4. Joe

    I absolutely love the chilli flavour, it’s great with most dishes. Mild chilli flavour with a great aftertaste.

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2 reviews for Eureka Lemon Infused (250 ml)

  1. Joshua Parsons

    I tried this on my avacado bagel and the flavour that came through was outstanding.

  2. Michael

    Mixed it with grated Parmesan cheese. The idea was to dip a bit of fresh sourdough bread. Ended up eating a third of the loaf!

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3 reviews for Estate Select (250 ml)

  1. Joshua Parsons

    Absolutely love cooking with this oil and using it on my salads as well. It is fresh and you can just tell that the utmost care has been taken to produce this product.

  2. Bobby De Koch

    I’ve been using it for sautéing and salad dressings – Can it get any better? Delicious flavour and the health benefits of CBD! ?

  3. Michael

    Perfectly balanced. I used it on a chopped cucumber, tomato and yellow pepper salad with just a touch of salt. Lovely delicate flavour.

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