Our Journey

Fernando Costa, an Italian olive farmer was the first to commercially grow olives in South Africa. He started producing olives and olive oil almost a century ago in 1925 on his farm ‘Nervi’, Paarl. Fernando realized that our South African climate is perfect for growing olives, we have milder winters and dry hot summers which stimulate fruit growth, colour development, and oil production.




Olea europaea or ‘Mission’ olive is the most popular cultivar grown in South Africa. Originally from California, it is known as a dual cultivar because it is suited to both green and black olive production. At Liviana we have perfected the art of growing and pressing the ‘Mission’ olive, and we deliver the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South Africa.

The Stellenbosch region is unique in its soil composition and the valley spring water accentuates the olives’ natural delectable flavours. Our olives are pressed and then infused with the purest, organic pharmaceutical-grade CBD from Colorado, USA

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are 100% organic and are grown, hand-picked, cold-pressed, and proudly bottled in small batches at our farm in the beautiful Stellenbosch mountain valley, South Africa.

Whether you are dressing fresh garden salads, marinating red meats on the bone, or roasting earthy veggies, our exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oils are incredibly versatile and can be used for each and every of your cooking occasion.