Jeff Robinson

Liviana® is the embodiment of exceptional quality inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, dedicated to offering products that promote longevity and well-being. Our journey began with the vision of our parent company (M2Bio Sciences) CEO, Jeff Robinson. Jeff has a colourful background, and if you can sit down with him one day, I’m sure one sitting wouldn’t be enough. Anyone looking at Jeff’s Instagram would know that he is an avid foodie, and few people know that he has gone to gourmet cooking school and started a renowned gourmet Jazz Bar and Grill in Toronto.

Cape Town

Having spent a decade living in Barcelona, Jeff was immersed in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Recognizing the significant health benefits of this lifestyle, the idea of bringing high-quality products to the market began to take shape. And so, the seed for ‘Liviana®’ was planted. Jeff moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where he started M2Bio Sciences in 2018. M2Bio Sciences is a vanguard entity at the forefront of nutraceutical biotechnology, specializing in alternative plant-based cannabinoids, medical psilocybin, and cutting-edge mental health therapeutic research driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Jeff & Mike

A few years into the establishment of M2Bio Sciences, Jeff crossed paths with Michael Sachar, a like-minded man who shares Jeff’s enthusiasm for food. Mike loves cooking and is inspired by his Middle Eastern background. He owns an entire recipe book of 401 pages just on hummus! The synergy between Jeff and Mike was evident, and it was a natural fit for Mike to join the team to head up the M2Bio Food and Beverage division. Jeff is passionate about improving the health of all by advocating for prudent lifestyle adjustments.

Western Cape & Olives

His long standing desire has been to create top-tier, ethically sourced products, and what better candidate for health than extra virgin olive oil? EVOO is backed by substantial scientific evidence affirming its numerous health benefits. So, Jeff & Mike embarked on finding a producer of the finest extra virgin olive oil that the Western Cape has to offer. Our South African climate is perfect for growing olives; we have milder winters and dry, hot summers, which stimulate fruit growth, color development, and oil production. After a long search and hundreds of tastings, a decision was made!

Stellenbosch & CBD

Our grove is nestled in a beautiful valley on the slopes of the Stellenbosch Mountains. The Stellenbosch region is unique in its soil composition, and the valley spring water accentuates the olives’ natural delectable flavors. The organic olives are delicately handpicked in small batches, and each assemblage is carefully crafted using a proprietary, unique cold extraction method. With the parent company harnessing the medicinal potential of cannabidiol (CBD), it was a logical decision to gently infuse the EVOO with just the right amount of the purest organic premium CBD from the USA.

Our Other Products

The CBD-infused extra virgin olive oil was just the start of a range of health-conscious food products that Liviana® offers. We have expanded the range to include CBD-infused raw organic honey, black garlic, and pickled peppers. Everything we do at Liviana® focuses on producing evidence based and ethically sourced products. To ensure that every product bears the stamp of credibility, we collaborate with the University of Pretoria to provide research support for Liviana® offerings.

Liviana® Health