Tomato and Thyme Relish

Tomatoes aren’t just a pretty face, they’re packed with functional ingredients that can boost your health! So why not try our roasted tomato and thyme relish recipe and get all the benefits in one delicious dish? With lycopene for fighting free radicals, vitamin C for a strong immune system, and fiber to keep things moving, this relish is a superhero for your body! Ready to become a health warrior?

Recipe Details

4 Servings

Ready In: 21 minutes

Nutritional Information

Energy: 73 kCal

Protein: 0.5 g

Carbohydrates: 3 g

Sugar: 2.7 g

Fat: 7.1 g

Fibre: 0.5 g

Dietary Requirements



Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

Freezer Friendly

Equipment List

Measuring spoon

Frying pan

Small serving bowl


  • 2 tbsp Liviana® CBD-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp fresh thyme, leaves
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Add 1 tbsp of Liviana® CBD-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a non-stick pan over a high heat.
  2. Add the cherry tomatoes and toss to combine with the olive oil. 
  3. Add the fresh thyme and season generously. 
  4. Keep tossing the tomatoes until it becomes soft and blistered for 3 – 5 minutes. Do not stir, this prevents the tomatoes from breaking up and becoming mushy.  
  5. Place the tomatoes into a small serving bowl. Drizzle another tbsp of Liviana® CBD-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the tomatoes.  Add a fresh sprig of thyme and serve on sandwiches, bruschetta, or flatbread. Perfect with shredded meat or roasted veggies, tzatziki and finely sliced onion on a tortilla.  

Wilna Eksteen

Registered Dietitian

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